"TM Together—organised by young meditators, for young meditators.”


Where it all began:

Three friends and a Berlin apartment room


Lifetime friends—together: Jamie Knapp, Simone Werner and Julian Schwokowsky


What started back in 2012 between 3 friends in a Berlin apartment room has blossomed into many apartment rooms and TM centers across the globe—friends, coming together to transcend, get inspired, and enjoy the heartwarming social connection that follows.

TM Together is now organising global calls and global courses specifically designed for younger meditators on a city, national, and international level.

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A big thank you goes out to all the people that helped make TM Together what it is today!
Jamie Knapp, Simone Werner, Julian Schwokowsky, Leander Flemming, Katja Stolle, Eckart Stein and Lila-Maria Hartmann Stein, Stefan Schrott, Miklos Lammel, Peter Warburton, Skyla Grayce, all the 2015 ELI Summit course crew, Chancellor, Daniel Pal, Allie Taylor, Amellia Hesse, Ana Reinholdt, and all of our TM Together organisers around the world (you know who you are)—we salute you.

Transcendental Meditation® was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; his organisation continues under the guidance of Maharishi’s successor Dr. Tony Nader.