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Vietnam's Transcendental Meditation Teacher

Hai N Dao

Certified TM Teacher

Hai N Dao


Hai N Dao was born in Vietnam, studied/ graduated Master Computer Science in Germany. He worked as a Computer Specialist and since 1970 lived in Germany. While studying (in Germany) he learned and practiced TM (Transcendental Meditation) and until today continues to practice for a total of 43 years. He entered the TM-Sidhi Program in 1979 and became a verified TM Teacher in 2014.

He has taught TM to hundreds of people including CEOs, doctors, educators, business leaders, teachers, students, working professionals and in orphanages.


Our Transcendental Meditation® Centre

Learning Transcendental Meditation

Step One: Sign Up For an Introductory Talk

What to expect at the introductory talk

In this introduction seminar, a certified TM Teacher will give:

  • An overview of the research, benefits, and long-term effects of TM practice
  • All the information you need to decide whether you want to learn the TM technique
  • A question and answer session
  • A group discussion
  • A presentation that is free and without obligation

Step Two: Sign Up for a TM Course

After attending a free introductory talk, you will be eligible to sign up for the TM Course.

If you decide to take the Transcendental Meditation course, this will be scheduled to start at a later time. The course requires 7.5 hours of your time spread over 5 consecutive days.

Transcendental Meditation Fee

Find the payment option that suits you best

300 USD Foreigner, 150 USD Local

Payment options available:

  • Cash


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