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Namibia's Transcendental Meditation® Instructors

Jacksoline Mberijandja

Certified TM Instructor


Jacksoline Mberijandja

Jacky’ learned TM in Windhoek in early 2013. Having had very good results from the practice of the technique from the start, and aware of how much TM can do for the people in Namibia she early on had a strong desire to become a Teacher of TM. In 2015 she returned to Namibia as a certified TM Instructor, after having spent 6 months in intensive training at the TM Organizations’ International Training Academy in Thailand that included instruction in the TM Sidhi Program.

Jacky is a former Assault Pioneer of the Namibian Defense Force working with explosives. As a TM Instructor, she now happy to be able to work towards the safety of her country, in a more positive way by enabling a person to become less stressed, more peaceful, happy, productive and socially responsible from within. Besides her mother tongue, Otjiherero, she speaks fluently English and Afrikaans, and some Oshiwambo.

She recently was in Lusaka, Zambia twice to help out at Maharishi Model School, a Consciousness Based Education school, teaching TM to 70 students.


Jan-Willem Beuke

Certified TM Instructor


Jan-Willem Beuke

Jan-Willem matriculated at Windhoek High School in 2005, and obtained a B-Tech degree in Music at the Tswane University of Technology in Pretoria. At the end of his final year as a student, he learned the Transcendental Meditation technique in Pretoria, experiencing very good results both in terms of his personal development, as well as when he started working in Windhoek at the College of the Arts in 2013 as a music lecturer, specialising in practical guitar as his main subject.

After 2 years of practicing TM, intrigued by the good results, he decided to go on the 6-months training course in Thailand in October 2014, to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. This program also included the instruction of the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program, which started giving even better results.

After the completion of his teacher training course in Thailand in April 2015, Jan-Willem came back to Windhoek as a Certified TM Instructor, and started teaching part time while maintaining his lecturer post at the College of the Arts.


Hartmut Knobloch

Certified TM Instructor


Hartmut Knobloch

A full-time TM Instructor from 1973 to 2011, he spent more than 30 years as a volunteer, working directly with the founder of the TM movement, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in various projects in Europe, India, Africa and the Americas.

In that context Hartmut, a German national, first came to Southern Africa in 1976 for two years to introduce TM and Consciousness Based Education (CBE) to Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and (then) South-West Africa in a team of four.

He returned to Africa, taking up an opportunity to become financially independent by introducing a unique ground engineering technology to Southern Africa in 2011. First based in Johannesburg then shifting to Windhoek in 2013, he started the non-profit Maharishi Development Foundation (Namibia) for teaching TM and CBE programs as a contribution to Namibia and engaged motivating and sponsoring local individuals to take up training as TM Instructors in South Africa and Namibia.


Learning Transcendental Meditation®

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What to expect at the introductory talk

In this introduction seminar, a certified TM Teacher will give:

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  • All the information you need to decide whether you want to learn the TM technique
  • A question and answer session
  • A group discussion
  • A presentation that is free and without obligation

Step Two: Sign Up for a TM Course

After attending a free introductory talk, you will be eligible to sign up for the TM Course.

If you decide to take the Transcendental Meditation® course, this will be scheduled to start at a later time. The course requires 7.5 hours of your time spread over 5 consecutive days.

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