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Consciousness-Based Education Communiversity of Zimbabwe September Intake

Jul 12, 2018 4:39:11 AM / by Kulani Nyoni


Invincible Africa Institute is a project of the Maharishi Foundation Trust (registered non-profit organization). This project is Our vision is to provide is a Consciousness-Based Communiversity of Zimbabwe, offering unparalleled post-secondary preparatory programs for a career in an Information and Communication Technology environment.


Invincible Africa Institute is a consciousness-based education communiversity of Zimbabwe. It is not a tertiary institution and does not intend to offer any courses for academic purposes but purely for uplifting the lives of the social fabrics of Zimbabwe. Invincible Africa Institute is a communiversity project offered by the Maharishi Foundation Trust, a registered non-profit organization. All activities offered by Invincible Africa Institute are for personal development. Under no circumstances shall we confer certificates of any magnitude to our course participants serve for certificates of completion, proof that the course participant has met the requirements for a post-secondary preparatory program. The policies outlined in this catalog are guidelines based on the policies of our certifying partners such as Microsoft Imagining Academy and Certiport® All our course participants pay a subsidized fee.

Topics: Meditators, Free, Non-Meditators

Kulani Nyoni

Written by Kulani Nyoni

Mr. Kulani Nyoni is a researcher, author and a public speaker on wellness and personal development topics. As National Director of Zimbabwe, Mr. Kulani brings the knowledge of profound health benefits to individuals, government, and educators who can improve their lives by practicing the TM program.

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