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Over 6 million people of all ages, cultures, and religions have learned the TM™ technique.


It can only be taught by certified Transcendental Meditation teachers, in a course carefully personalized for each individual.


TM is different from other meditation techniques. There is no evidence that other techniques provide the same benefits as TM.

Evidence Based

Hundreds of published research studies on the TM technique have documented major benefits for stress, anxiety, brain function, cardiovascular health, and more.

Nothing to Believe In

Nothing to believe 
The TM technique is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. No belief or expectation is needed for it to be effective.

How We're Different

From other techniques

Comparing Meditation Techniques and their Impact on the Brain

Many meditation techniques are available today. Contrary to common belief there are distinct differences between techniques, such as the effort involved, their impact on the brain, and whether or not they result in verifiable benefits.

Why do people who have tried other techniques find Transcendental Meditation to be completely different?

  1. Absolutely effortless — The TM technique is so easy and enjoyable that anyone can do it, even children. No concentrating or control of the mind No monitoring of thoughts (mindfulness) No trying to “empty the mind
  2. Proven effective — Hundreds of published research studies on the TM technique have documented its effectiveness on stress and anxiety, brain function, cardiovascular health, and more.


A study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition identified the following three meditation categories, based on measured brain wave differences:

  • Concentration or focus: Zen, Vipassana, etc.
  • Open monitoring: Mindfulness, Kriya Yoga, etc.
  • Self-transcending: Transcendental Meditation


Be sure you're getting the authentic TM technique

Beware of meditations claiming to be the same or similar to the TM technique. They are very different—and there is no evidence they provide the same benefits documented in the published research on the TM technique.

Certified Teachers of the TM Technique

Transcendental Meditation can only be taught by certified teachers in a course carefully personalized for each individual. All teachers of the TM technique have successfully completed an intensive 5-month in-residence Teacher Training Course, and they maintain their certification through ongoing professional courses for TM teachers.

If you learn meditation from anyone who’s not a certified teacher of the TM technique, you’re not learning the authentic Transcendental Meditation method.


Free lifetime support

All of these are available at no extra cost if and when you want them:
  • Personal one-on-one "tune-ups" of your TM practice
  • TM refresher courses
  • Access to certified TM teachers anywhere in the world to answer your questions
  • Involvement with a TM community


Personalized, one-on-one instruction

All certified TM teachers provide personal one-on-one TM instruction—as well as group sessions to provide further instruction and to ensure your TM practice is easy and enjoyable, and you’re gaining maximum benefit.


Helping those in need

More than 500,000 full TM scholarships have been given to at-risk children, military veterans, domestic violence victims, homeless people, and others in need, through partnerships with the David Lynch Foundation℠ and other non-profit organizations.

The 60 Day Transcendental Meditation Challenge

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